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SeussicalPierre’s Costumes has specialized in theatrical costuming since 1943. We have costumed theatre productions from the high school around the corner to national tours, all from our city-block long warehouse with over one million costumes. We can create spectacular Broadway looks for your theatrical productions on a shoe string budget. In addition to our theatrical rentals, we also can provide costume construction services for those who are looking to own their costumes instead of renting them.

SeussicalOur friendly staff of professional costume designers come from varied, well-educated theatrical backgrounds, and have worked in the theatre industry for many years. They will be able to make your job easier and provide you with the best costumes at the best price. Our theatrical costumes are built specifically for theatrical performances, and are maintained, altered and accessorized by professional designers and tailors.

Mounting a production can cost a lot of money, no matter what size, but renting costumes is a very effective way to keep your costs down. Unlike many costume rental houses, we include all accessories with our costumes and do not charge more for items like overcoats and canes.  We provide high quality costumes for theatre that will enhance your production.

Go to our rental page and download our prices and forms for more details on how easy the rental process is.  As well as keeping your costs low, Pierre’s Costumes takes pride in providing top quality and one-on-one customer service to our theatrical customers. Our costume design staff will work closely with you through the rental process, to provide you with the perfect look for your next theatrical production!

With over a million costumes in stock, Pierre’s can costume any production with ease.

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