Discussion about your mascot

We begin by talking with you. Every project is unique and should be treated that way. Every mascot we make is different. We learn about your needs, and help you develop a great mascot costume concept that works specifically for you.

Details about your mascot

We review your logo, colors, sizing, accessories, and more. We provide example photos, designs, scale drawings, and material swatches. Updates and progress images are available if necessary.  You know what you are getting in advance, since every detail is checked thoroughly.

Design your mascot for function

We know mascot costumes inside and out. When we create a mascot, our designers understand how it should perform. Your mascot costume will be able to to do everything you want and more.

Design your mascot to look great

We want you to love your mascot. We know what looks impressive and create mascots that will thrill your audience, and make you say “wow!”


Design your mascot costume to last

Our mascot costumes have a typical life-span of 7-10 years with heavy use, which is almost twice the industry norm.  Many are still performing 20 years later.

Delivery of your mascot

We schedule every little detail to make sure your mascot is ready for it’s big debut. We know unveiling events are important, so we ensure you get the mascot with lots of time to spare. If you are only “happy” with your mascot costume, we are “very disappointed”.  We aim to  exceed our customers expectations when they receive the costume. This is why we provide our happiness guarantee.

Just a few examples of the mascots we’ve designed.

After 45,000+ mascots, we can create an original design for you!


We can extend the life of your mascot.

Pierre’s Mascots & Costumes provides maintenance and repair services at affordable costs to keep your mascot costume looking great and lasting longer.

Maintenance services include: cleaning, styling, deodorizing, fabric refreshing, laundering, minor stitching, and repairs. Before we begin, your costume is fully checked over.

If we find anything that needs to be addressed during this process, we will bring it to your attention.

Our Standard maintenance service typically takes 5-7 business days.  We also offer an Express service that can be completed in 48 hours.

We quote costs, options, and offer suggestions before we start working on your mascot.  We can quote firm prices after visual evaluation. 

Pierre’s Costumes performs maintenance on mascots we did not manufacture.  These types of mascots may take longer for us to clean & repair.

How much does a mascot cost?

  • We have 2 product mascot costume lines, our Semi-Custom Line and our Fully Custom Line.  This allows us to cover a wide range of price points.  We have something for everyone. 

How long does it take to get my mascot?

  • Depending on the product line chosen, we have average production timelines for each product. 
  • Our Semi-Custom line of mascots takes 2 – 5 weeks to get through the design and production process. 
  • Our Custom line of mascots can take longer due to the higher level of details involved.
  • We confirm fabrics, colors, logos, scale drawings, and provide photographs throughout the process.  If a client is able to approve these steps quickly, we can finish in a much shorter timeline.
  • We can accommodate rush deadlines when needed.
  • If you have a specific event date, let us know. We never miss deadlines, we know how important an unveiling event is.

Can you design an original mascot for my organization?

  • Yes. We ask a lot of questions, show you pictures, create original designs, provide material examples, and guide you throughout the entire process.
  • We are responsible for creating and designing some of the most iconic mascots in the world, such as The Fruit of the Loom Guys.
  • We can create simpler custom costumes for smaller companies and schools with smaller budgets. We do this by using our 25,000 plus patterns, and making modifications to provide you with exactly what you need.

How will I know I am getting what I want ?

  • A sketch is provided, this can change as we discuss and refine the design.  We believe in creating costumes that look exactly like the scale drawing.
  • We can provide fabric swatches so know exactly what the costume will be made out of.
  • We use high resolution printing and embroidery, so your logo will stand out.

I don’t see anything I love in your gallery, is that all you can make?

  • We create all our mascot designs in-house. The examples in our gallery are what our clients asked for.  If you want something different, let’s talk and create what you want.
  • We have created over 45,000 costumes, and can’t put all of them in the gallery.  We will send images of costumes specific to the style you are looking for.  

How long will my mascot last?

  • Our mascots last 7-10 years.  This is twice as long as our competitors.  
  • Our costumes end up costing less when you consider how long they last.   
  • Customers still using their mascot 20 years later, often will update the look / design before the costume wears out.
  • We have been accused of overbuilding our costumes, we take that as a compliment.

How does sizing work?

  • We understand that most mascot costumes will be worn by a variety of performers. Our mascots are designed with a flexible size range in mind.  We can take care of your performer sizing needs when we create the costume. With our costumes, you can fit a 5th grader or a professional basketball player.

I really like a famous character. Can you build me an exact copy for my organization?

  • We respect the copyrights of character designs and their owners. We are happy to help you create a unique character that will work best for your organization.

My mascot is looking for a prop, special clothing or a new logo, can you create it?

  • Absolutely! We fully understand that all lovable characters deserve a change of clothes or a new accessory from time to time. 

My mascot is several years old and starting to look worn, plus we damaged it and lost several parts. Can you help bring it back to life?

  • We accept all mascots (even if we didn’t make it) in for cleaning and repairs. Please download our Cleaning and Repairs flyer by clicking on the icon link below.
  • Typically after we work on your mascot costume, it will look brand new again.  We do this at our cost with no mark-up, since we want you to be happy and come back to us when you need a new costume.

Do you rent mascots?

  • Yes, we do have lots of characters available for rent for film, TV, commercials and events. 
  • We do not rent any of the mascots shown in our gallery, since the character belongs to our clients and are simply examples of our work.

Noteworthy Mascot Costume Clients: