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Beauty and the Beast on the Rise!

With the revival of Beauty and the Beast coming to the big screen in 2017 there seems to be no shortage of excitement coming from the theatre world as well!

Everyone seems to be looking to do this tale as old as time for their upcoming fall and spring musicals!

Our set of Beauty and the Beast has stood the test of time and is going on it’s 10th year of being consistently rented!

With the new feature filming debuting and with the production for theatre on the rise, we are looking to re-build our set and bring it into the modern theatre scene!

We have had no shortage of praise on our DISNEY quality costumes for Mary Poppins and the Little Mermaid! We want to bring Beauty and the Beast up to the modern musical standard of excellence!

BUT! We can’t do it without YOU! To re-build the production, and to ensure we can keep costs affordable for all our clients we need to book a few productions of this show! Are you looking to do Beauty and the Beast this fall or Spring?

If you book with us, you will be the FIRST to use our brand new costumes and will WoW your audiences show in and show out! You don’t want to miss an opportunity like this! Book with us and you will be the platform of a new generation of Beauty and the Beast!

Book with us NOW to lock in your dates and to give us the summer to build this timeless classic!

Call Jamie in the Theatre Department with any questions at 215-925-7121!

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