Pierre's Costumes

Yes…. We are open on October 29… Just!

We are open & running on a skeleton crew.

It’s not exactly a great time of year to have a storm like “Sandy” roll through at Halloween…


We are in the shop (well two of us are) from 10:00am to 8:00pm today on October 29.

We plan on being in the shop again on October 30 as well.


Rich has an air mattress and cans of soup in his office along with several flashlights, a battery operated radio, and battery backup for his cell phone.


We are doing our best to help our customers who are trying to return rentals and also those that are trying to pick up rentals too.


It is unlikely that we will be able to cope with doing new rentals today.  We are swamped with phone calls asking if we are open, and people coming with costumes.


We can help anyone who needs a purchase item such as costumes, costume accessories, makeup, hats, props, masks, wigs and more.


Anyone who has to return their costume on Monday, can return it 10-8 monday or 10-8 Tuesday without any penalties.

We are playing the hours of opening by ear as the television tells us the weather is changing.

So… please bear with us if you come into the store or callus today.  We are open, but with only 2 staff instead of 15-20 staff.

As I post this at 1:56pm, it’s only lightly raining in Old City Philadelphia.  I have also heard from customers coming in, that the roads are almost empty.

Bear with us if you are trying to call in.  There are only two of us, and we have a lot more phone lines than that.  Don’t bother calling us if you are telling us you will be late.  We understand.

We will 100% be here on Monday 10-8pm, and again on Tuesday 10-8pm


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