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Why Renting a costume for Halloween is Right for You!

As we are approaching Halloween Next week. We here at Pierre’s costumes are bustling around the shopping working with clients getting them all suited up for their parties this weekend and all thru out the following week!71528_10150108071463012_576003011_7493661_2052686_n


Our staff of stylists are expretly dressing people in costumes ranging from Liberace to Pirates, Flappers to Gangsters, Sonny and Chere to Lady Gaga and so many more interseting people and costumes!

Snow White

Snow White












Some people have never had the oporitunity to rent a costume before, so I thought i would lay out how the process works when renting a Halloween costume from Pierre’s Costumes.


Many people come into our store and are overwhelmed by the sheer number of awesome things! Don’t let that scare you, our crack team of stylists specialize in helping you narrow down your selections and cutom fit you in a costume.

Here are some of the typical questions that we are asked, and the answers we give.

Q: What does it cost to rent a costume?

A: Our costumes range anywhere from $50 to around $150.  This all depends on the costume itself, and the accessories that you desire. For example, we can dress a Victorian Lady starting around $75 for the basic costume, but we also have more elaborate versions that when paired with the matching gloves, hat, parasol and hankerchief that rents for $125. We have a price that fits any budget!


Q: Can you fit all Sizes

A: YES! We have over a milliona and a half costumes in our rental stock. So we can fit ANYONE! Now mind you we may not have Matching costumes in every size, since many of our costumes are one of a kina orriginal peices, however we do have many styles and colors in every fashion time period. So from size 0 to size 32, or from Young adult to big and tall costumes, we can fit all shapes and sizes!


Q: How Long does it take to rent a cosutme?

A: Costume Rentals can take anywhere from 10 minutes to a half an hour usually. It all really depends on the costume and the specific details.


Q:How Long do I get to keep the costume?

A:How long do you need to keep the costume? We can arrange for anywhere from one day rentals, to extended rentals depending on your needs.


Q: How will you know if a cosutme will fit me?

A: Our stylists come armed with tape measures! They will take your measurements and go into our city block long (and almost 3 story high) warehouse and pull cosutmes that fit your size and specifications!


I hope this may answer some questions you may have had about renting Halloween costumes.


We are here till 8pm many nights this week and next trying to get as Many People Suited up as possible!


Stop on by and See us!


Head Designer


PS: If you come in anytime between now and October 25th and mention this blog post at check out (Tell the cashier Bobby Sent Me) and you will get $10 off your rental!

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