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I would love to check out the Hollywood Museum next time I’m in LA.


I just learned about a really cool Costume exhibit going on at the Hollywood Museum.  It has lots of costumes from some pretty prominent movies on display.


This exhibit reminds me of my trip to las Vegas quite a few years ago.  I visted the Debby Reynolds museum.  It had tons of really great movie costumes and props on display.  One item I remember well, was the Dorothy’s ruby red slippers from The Wizard of Oz.  Unfortunately from what I understand that museum closed down.  It’s really too bad that a unique place like that didn’t get the support it needed to thrive.

On a similar note, I remember a trip that the entire staff of Pierre’s Costumes took a few years back.  Funnily enough, it was also at a gambling town.  I forget which casino it was, but it was in Atlantic City at one of the casinos.  We went and saw a great costume collection of famous film and theatrical costumes.  It was a fun day for everyone.  We got to go out and have some fun with our group.  I distinctly remember everyone stopping for crabs on the way back.  Eating them took forever.

We have done several types of work trips for fun over the years.  One that was a good time, was the renaissance fair.  To be honest, it was kind of as a joke the first time.  Imagine a bunch of costumers going to a renn fair in costume!  The outfits were very comical, and over the top.  We ended up doing this several times, and really got a kick out of the fact that other guests thought we worked there.

Anyway… back to the Hollywood Museum.


The Hollywood Museum and The Hollywood Reporter present the opening of the And The Winner Is! exhibit, celebrating the 2012 Hollywood Awards Season, on Thursday, February 16, 2012. This exhibit showcases the largest selection of costumes and props from over twenty films and television shows nominated for awards. Honoring the magic of movies, television and music excellence, the exhibit will be on display through the end of April and is located in the Historic Max Factor Building, 1660 N. Highland Avenue at Hollywood Blvd.

And The Winner Is! includes selected items from 2012 Academy Award nominees including Hugo, The Artist, The Help, Midnight in Paris, The Descendants, Harry Potter, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Iron Lady, My Week with Marilyn, Ides of March, and other popular films such as Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, J. Edgar, Young Adult, Footloose, Super 8 and others.

Television shows spotlighted in the awards campaigns are also on display in And The Winner Is! exhibit including costumes and props from The Good Wife, The Walking Dead, Justified, Spartacus, Modern Family, Glee, American Horror Story, Boss, Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, Camelot, 50/50.

There is something for everyone of all ages at The Hollywood Museum. This is where you can discover the glamour of old Hollywood, from Elvis to Marilyn Monroe, and see costumes and red carpet fashion from todays Hollywood rising stars from films like The Artist, states Dadigan.

In addition to the current award nominees and winners, The Hollywood Museum also features a look at Hollywoods rich history. On view in the exhibit are items from top award races in years past, including costumes from Golden Globe® winner Ben-Hur, which won best picture in 1959, props from Silence of the Lambs, including Hannibal Lector’s mask (Oscars® for Best Picture, Director, Actor and Actress); Judy Garland’s gown from A Star Is Born (Golden Globe®, Best Actress); costumes worn by Golden Globe® winners Tom Cruise and Marilyn Monroe; the 1952 Writers Guild of America award earned by High Noon; as well as Sylvester Stallone’s boxing gloves and signed script from the Academy Award winning Rocky and Sylvester Stallones Worst Actor of the Century Razzie® Award.

The ultimate destination for tourists and movie fans, The Hollywood Museum is located in the historic Max Factor Building and includes miracles of motion picture magic, past and present, on four floors and houses more than 10,000 pieces of show business memorabilia.


For more information on this exhibit at the Hollywood museum, go to their website at:



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