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We are really looking forward to the new season of Mad men

We are huge Mad Men fans at Pierre’s Costumes

We all love the costumes (obviously!).

Mad Men is starting it’s new season March 25, at 9:00pm eastern.

This year the show is set in 1962.

Here is the official site:

The show is a great way to see the authentic styles of the era.  The costumer (Janie Bryant) has done an excellent job of recreating the special look of that era.

Janie was interviewed in detail here.

Janie also appears to be developing some kind of clothing line related to the show’s costumes.

There are rumors circulating that Mad Men costumer Janie Bryant will add her name to the list of designers drawing inspiration straight from the set.  In an interview with Glamour, the designer reveals that she may have something in the works right now, but can’t confirm it.  “I’m working on some things right now,” she says. “I hate to be so mysterious but I can’t really say!  it would have my name attached to it though”

In addition, the makeup and hair department really add to the overall look.  You wouldn’t look correct without those stylish hairdo’s  The hair department is run by Sean Flannigan, and Lucia Mace.  The makeup department is run by Ron Pipes.

You can learn more about the hair and makeup here. and here.

You can see a nice gallery of costume photographs at this location

They have really got the details down, all the way to period accurate underwear (I checked it against period Sears catalogs).



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