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TV TIME! Our staff’s obsession with costume driven television shows!

We here at Pierre’s costumes have some TV obsessions that are not surprising… they are all saturated with beautiful costumes or makeup or both!


Face Off: If you love Special effects makeup… and we do… This show is totally up your alley! The looks that these makeup designers come up with are totally amazing!





Magic City: This starz show is really exciting and the clothes are spectacular. From vintage gowns to stunning swimwear, you will surely be wowed!


Check out this great LA Times article about it!




Ru Paul’s Drag Race: We Just love how fun this show is! The cat fights… the Wigs… the Drama and the clothes! RuPaul, most likely the world’s most recognizable drag Queen, gathers the best of the best of the worlds drag talent, and sets them against each other in this fun competition reality show! Some of the looks that these queens come up with are really spectacular! We love seeing all of the unique ways these girls hit the runway!



Boardwalk Empire: This HBO drama set in 1920’s Atlantic city, really has hit the nail on the head when it comes to the fashion of the period. Many people think of the stereotypical “Flapper” and “Gangster” when they think of the 1920’s: but not in the world Boardwalk Empire. In true HBO fashion, the fashions not only are true to the history, but the depth of the design really adds to the character and plot development. It is a must see!



Game of Thrones

Yet another HBO drama has a great look that combines a classic silhouette with a contemporary flare! The use of Furs, velvets, metal and other rich fabrics, in an array of colors make the actors pop! The intense drama of the story is flushed out over a vast landscape, and stunning production design. We are excited to See how Season two develops!



Downton Abbey: This Historical Drama is not only riveting, but the clothes are spectacular!The attention to detail,

not only in costume design, but with hair and make-up, make this our top choice. It also doesn’t hurt that Maggie Smith is a GODDESS!

Some of the other shows we love are Pan Am (even tho it was only shortly lived) Once Upon a Time, Merlin, Mad Men and Absolutely Fabulous! We love how costumes can really help set the mood and capture the essence of a time period of a world!


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