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gypsyFor those clients that would rather own their costumes than rent them, Pierre’s can create your dream costume for you. Pierre’s will start from either a rendering you already have or you can talk with one of our designers who will do a custom sketch for you. We are more than happy to be a contract shop or a full service design and creation studio. We are always excited to work with our customers.

We have all of the machinery, tools, and expertise to create “top of the line” costumes for professional theaters. We routinely build for top-level national tours, such as Ballet Russe, and other professional theaters creating original garments to their specifications. With all of our theatrical experience, there is no challenge too difficult for us to handle.

Costs for custom costumes vary and are based on fabric selections and level of construction and time. They can range from very inexpensive to costly extravagant pieces.  Not working with a Broadway budget? We can still help with a custom costume. Some theaters find they have smaller budgets every year, we can help those groups too. We do this by utilizing our extensive network of suppliers to find specialty mass-produced items to meet their needs. These can either be purchased straight “off the rack,” or then also altered and accessorized to better suit your needs.

Since this kind of work is very specific, it is best to call us directly to discuss your needs. Call us at 215-925-7121 and ask to speak to someone in our Design Department.

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