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The key to having a great mascot

Mascots need a few things to be successful


A Well Built Good Looking Mascot Costume
A mascot that is built for the specific physical purposes that the mascot will be used in (highly athletic, oversized and very visible, etc.).  Mascots must have a visual appeal to ensure that it gets noticed.  Mascot also need to be built to be easy to maintain, and built to last.  Logos and other identification help the audience relate to the mascot, and allow you to promote your brand.  Pierre’s Costumes takes these and more considerations into account when designing and creating your mascot costume.

A Good Performer
A good performer is one who is upbeat, positive and has a good demeanor for working with the public.  Obviously the performer must fit into the costume, and be in good health in order to perform.  Performers need to create skits, stunts, and other routines that will engage the crowd.  If a great mascot is worn by someone who is not “into it”, then the mascot will fail.  The mascot has to endear itself to the audience and make them associate the character with your brand.

An Organization That Is Going To Support The Mascot

Mascots need to have help from their organization.  They need support materials, helpers, promotion, and more.  If you simply buy a mascot and put a good performer in it, but don’t support the program, your mascot will fail. Support can include things like creating baseball cards for the mascot, promoting a club or booster page on a website, or simply making sure that the mascot is an overall part of the marketing plan.

Without all three things, a mascot will fail.  With them, you can be assured that your mascot program will flourish.

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