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Spamalot is the new hot show for 2013

We are receiving many requests for the costumes for Spamalot this spring.


It seems that nobody seems to have a complete set of the specialized costumes for the show Spamalot.  With the rights being released this year, many groups are putting on this show.  It looks like any organization that puts on this production will be swamped when it comes to ticket sales.  The show is very, very popular.

We have decided to create a complete set of costumes for Spamalot.  There are many specialized costumes throughout the show.  For example, the scene where the knight loses his arms, etc. has to have a special trick head and limbs.  The knights that say “NI”, are also large costumes intended to be worn on stilts and have very unique helmets and costumes.  Each of the knights has to have a specific tabard (multiple ones each), and they have to be rigged for special changes too.  The dancers with chalices on their heads require specialized hats (think Fiddler bottle dance with chalices).  The lady of the lake is a very unique looking costume as well, and this character has numerous changes throughout the show.  She also has a trick wedding dress and other gimmicks.   I could go on, but you get the point.

We have decided that we will create some unique designs that will be affordable for organizations to rent. The original costumes for the Broadway and West End productions cost well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Obviously this would end up being cost prohibitive to rent at an amateur or professional level.

If you are thinking of doing this show, please lock in with us soon.  Dates are filling up quickly, and if you need the costumes, we appear to be the only option so far (we have heard from customers that there is not an economical rental stock in existence).  So if you don’t want to build your own costumes (time consuming and expensive), give us a call at 215-925-7121.

Since we are in the process of creating this production, we do not have pictures yet.  We will post them as they become available.


Below are some pictures from the West End production.


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2 Responses to “Spamalot is the new hot show for 2013”

  1. Janet Sorensen says:

    I am interested in the cost of rental for costumes for Spamalot for this summer. Please let me know if they are available and for how much.

  2. RJ says:

    Please call us at 215-925-7121 and ask for the theatre department. We have some spots available for this show left this summer.

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