Pierre's Costumes

“Shrek”ing out!

We are receiving SO MANY calls about renting costumes for Shrek the musical.


We have had to turn a couple of people down due to overlapping dates. Obviously this is not great.

If you want to use us for the costumes, please book early. This way you don’t count on us, and later find out that some other group beat you to the punch.

Due to the overwhelming requests (we are almost fully booked for early 2014) we are strongly considering creating a second set of specialty costumes.


This show requires 25 extremely specialized costumes, and around another 20-35 very specific costumes.


We are ONE more show away from building a second set. If one more theatre books this production, we will create another full set.


SO… if you are considering getting costumes for this show (we have not heard of any other companies building this set), call us ASAP. Ask for Liz or Jennifer (215-925-7121)


Updatewe will be creating a second set of Shrek costumes.

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