Pierre's Costumes


Costumes can be a GREAT way to celebrate holidays and festivals! Pierre’s offers many seasonal and holiday themed costumes for Rental and Sale.

Every Holiday is the perfect occasion for a costume from Christmas to Easter, from New Years to Valentine’s Day! We have something for every occasion!

We have everything that Santa Claus needs. We are Santa’s one-stop-shop.Christmas

Pierre’s Costumes can provide customers with many different costumes for the Christmas season. The most popular costumes of the season are Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus and Elves.

We rent and sell personal and professional Santa Suits. Our prices and qualities range from discount to the very best professional suits available on the market.

In addition, we make and carry a full line of holiday costumes such as Christmas teddy bears, reindeer, moose, snowmen, sexy Ms. Claus, Santa’s helpers, turkeys, and practically anything else you are looking for.

We also provide lots of costumes to major attractions and special events. We also can put together full corporate seasonal parties or manage Christmas or Thanksgiving parades. If you need one costume or a thousand Santas for a TV commercial (yes, we did do this!), we can handle it.

We make one-of-a-kind custom Santa suits too.  If this interests you, click on the link below to get more information.


see our custom-made Santa suits

In our retail store we carry all of the things that any good Santa Claus may need such as: replacement belts, boots, boot-tops, hats, toy bags, bells, gloves, eyebrow & hair whitener, and a wide range of wig & beard sets. You only need to visit one place to get all of your Santa Claus needs.


easter bunnyEaster

Pierre’s Costumes offers many costumes that can add that special something to your Passion plays or Easter Celebrations. We have everything from traditional biblical costumes to one-of-a-kind Easter Bunny mascots.



Pierre’s Costumes offers many spectacular costumes that are perfect for your Purim celebration! We have everything from Queen Esther to Moses, from spanish senioritas to pirates! Every year we take great pride in helping our many loyal customers develop the perfect costumes for their celebration! We have many group ideas that work fabulously for skits or themes at your synagogue!