Pierre's Costumes

Why Get a Mascot?

Why get a mascot? There are so many reasons! Whether you want to draw attention to your company or rally cheers for your team, a mascot is the way to go! Mascots are the number one way to create brand name recognition!

Let Pierre’s Costumes become the newest member of your marketing and promotions team as we create the perfect mascot for you! We pride ourselves on our one-on-one service to guide you through your creation process.

We have experience in creating everything from a no-frills budget mascot to mascots for major national sports teams and corporations.

We have two types of mascot costumes: our Standard & Semi-custom mascot line and our Custom mascot line. Don’t let the names fool you, unique mascots are born from both mascot lines every day!

Contact us for a White Paper and executive summary about the benefits of getting a mascot.