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Mascot Cooling

kool-vestWe provide several options for mascot cooling.


We can install an extractor fan inside of your costume. This allows the performer to experience a cooling of 10-15 degrees. This allows the performer to sweat less. We use rechargeable batteries and industrial grade fans and are almost silent removing 45 cubic feet of hot air per minute. We can install these fans at time of purchase or retro fit them after the fact.


If a mascot is going to be used in a hot environment, we can include additional screening to promote air flow thereby keeping the performer cool yet invisible to his audience.

Cooling Products

Pierre’s offers cooling collar that Velcro around your neck to help keep the performer comfortable. Vest is a sub heading of this and text stays the same.

Important Features:

  • Safe, Non-Toxic Phase Change Material
  • Durable, Mechanically Sealed Inserts
  • Easy to Use – simply soak the Inserts in Ice Water or Refrigerate for 25 minutes
  • Reusable – “re-charge” the Inserts over and over
  • COOL-U! Phase Change Vests are machine washable & made of durable 100% Cotton
  • COOL-U! Phase Change Vests have both side and shoulder Velcro™ adjustments to accommodate various shapes and sizes


How does the Phase Change Material work?
The Phase Change Material developed specifically for us is comprised of a proprietary blend of alkanes with unique thermal properties. The physical state of this blend is determined by the external temperature:
Above 58F/14C ” Liquid
Below 58F/14C ” Solid

This means that if the inserts are placed in ice water (below 58F/14C), the Phase Change Material is forced to release energy and solidifies. Unlike water, while in the solid state, the Phase Change Material remains at a constant temperature of 58F/14C until it absorbs enough energy from the external environment to return to a liquid state. Our vests incorporate 4 insert pouches weighing a total of 5 lbs. This amount of Phase Change Material will remain at 58F/14C for approximately 2-3 hours. At this point, the material has absorbed a sufficient amount of energy (i.e. heat) and will return to a liquid state where the temperature will begin rising congruently with the external environment. The inserts can then be “re-charged” by placing them in ice water or a refrigerator or freezer.

Are the garments safe ?
Yes, the Phase Change Liquid is Non-Toxic and is mechanically sealed in durable inserts. If the Phase Change Liquid escapes from the Insert Packs or the Insert Pack seal is broken, the Inserts and any soiled garments should be discarded and Replacement Insert Packs and/or Vests should be ordered.

Can the products be re-used ?
Yes, the Phase Change Liquid can be re-used an indefinite number of times. The sole limiting factor is if the Insert Packs become punctured or leak. If this occurs, discard them immediately and order Replacement Insert Packs.

Can the garments be worn under other clothing ?
Our COOL-U™ Phase Change Vests do not require airflow to achieve the benefits of cooling. As such they are ideal for use under air sealed HazMat and other Protective Clothing.

Does the vest come in different colors, fabrics, sizes, etc. ?
Yes, the Phase Change Vests are available in a wide variety of colors, styles, and fabrics. (Note: Royal Blue is our stock color.) We presently manufacture and stock 2 sizes: M-L and L-XL. Each vest has side and shoulder Velcro™ adjustments to accommodate for various shapes and sizes.

Our COOL-U™ Phase Change Vests are designed to enhance both comfort and performance of workers. The vests can be deployed in a variety of conditions and are an effective tool in fighting heat stress on the job.


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