Pierre's Costumes

Mascot Cleaning & Maintenance

cleaningPierre’s Costumes provides a full line of mascot maintenance services at reasonable costs. These services include cleaning, styling, deodorizing, brush-out of fur, laundering, minor stitching, spot-cleaning, and a thorough check of the costume. Our standard annual maintenance service requires 5 business days of workshop time.  This process can be expedited, and requires a minimum of 2 business days of workshop time.

mascot maintainanceWhen we do our Standard & Express cleaning and maintenance, we check every seam, and every piece of the costume for tears, rips, and other items needing attention.  If we find anything that needs attention during our cleaning, we will bring it to your attention, and quote you a price to fix it.

Repair fees will be quoted before we start work on a case-by-case basis.  We can quote firm prices after visual evaluation.  Repairs can range from $20 to $500+.

Pierre’s Costumes will also perform maintenance on mascots we did not make. In situations like this, we sometimes have to do more extensive work repairing inferior or different construction methods.  We sometimes have to source unusual materials, or use unfamiliar techniques even when cleaning the mascot.  These types of mascots typically take longer for us to clean & repair.


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