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What We Can Do For You


When Smuckers needed a mascot for a corporate event they knew to contact Pierre’s!

In addition to creating beautiful mascots for you, there are countless other ways that Pierre’s Costumes can help your mascot be the best!

  • We help you create a character mascot rather than a person wearing a costume. We provide a total “image” versus a costume that has no tie-in with the rest of your promotional campaign.
  • We can help you set up performer auditions for your mascot.
  • We can help develop a complete marketing campaign to promote your mascot and your organization!
  • We can produce additional marketing materials– anything from contests to flyers and stuffed animals to magnets.
  • We can help you draft Mascot performer contracts.
  • We spend large amounts of time in the pre-planning stages, to ensure that you fully understand all the ramifications of all the decisions throughout the mascot costume design process. This way you are very happy the first time!
  • We warranty all of our mascots against manufacturing defects for the first year. Nothing should go wrong with them. The reason we can say this is because it never does. We build them right the first time.
  • We service everything we sell. We can perform routine costume maintenance at a very low cost. We simply want to cover our expenses to perform repairs, not make money on them. We help you to continue looking good and extend the costume’s life span by fixing any damage and removing soil.
  • We frequently create add-ons for mascots. We can build jackets, hats, props, and other items for special promotions or events (i.e. bow tie, top hat and spats for a black-tie formal event, huge comical remote to change channels on Jumbotron, or oversized Rollerblades to perform with children).
  • We can perform routine cleanings for clients that don’t have the time or facilities (all our mascots are easily cleaned by the customer).
  • We can help with coloring books for kids’ contests, t-shirts with the mascot image, and many other promotional items.
  • We provide manuals for training your performer, creating marketing plans, and maintaining your mascot.
  • We can provide one-on-one training for new mascot performers.
  • We can give you leads on mascot-friendly events and other high-exposure situations.
  • We can warehouse and ship mascots for organizations that don’t want to hire a logistical manager to manage appearance schedules.

… and many more services! Contact our mascot department for more information! We have been in the mascot business for over 70 years, and we know a thing or two about how to make your mascot experience the best it can possibly be!


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