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We have been in the mascot business for a long time!We design with function in mind

A mascot that is designed with function in mind will make for a happy performer and even happier customer.

When we design your mascot we need to consider two very important aspects: image and function. Image is important, as this is why you are considering a mascot in the first place. We will consider your target audience and the message you want to send them.  We also need to consider what you are doing with the mascot. If you are a sports team, you might want the facial expressions to be mean or tough. If you were running a summer camp for young children, a friendly, huggable mascot will be more appropriate. If your audience is wide and varied, we can create a mascot that has wide appeal. We have created creatures with “attitude” or “sass” for teams that appeal to kids and adults.  Simple changes, such as changing the angle of an eyebrow, can change the character’s whole personality. We will be happy to walk you through this process.

Billie Jean EagleWe also need to consider where the mascot will be working. If a mascot is going to get extensive media coverage including TV, we will need to make sure it “reads” well in those formats (meaning that all parts of the mascot, such as logos, are large enough to be visible on camera).  We can add items such as clothing, good spots for logo and sponsor information. We will have a detailed conversation with you to understand your organization better, so that we can incorporate your theme and image in your mascot. Often we will ask to see other forms of advertising to make sure we create a mascot that is an extension of your entire marketing package.

Function cannot be overlooked. If your mascot is only meant to wave at customers and do simple body motions, such as hand out flyers, then a unibody style mascot may work best for you. If a mascot is hugging the general public, we will need to adapt the body shape and flexibility to allow the performer to move their arms.  If the character needs to sit down, we will make sure that there is flexibility through the torso, and minimize the size of the tail. If the character is a very athletic sports mascot and will fight, jump, run, and get passed overhead in the stands, we need to build it so that is possible. We can do anything within reason and always address each specific mascot on a case-by-case basis.

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