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How to Pay for a Mascot

MetromanMany clients have the money in the advertising budget to pay for a mascot. Some do not. Mascots can cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars. This is the same price as a small advertising campaign, but mascots typically generate more interest and last a lot longer than traditional advertising.

Mascots should be considered advertising, since they bring recognition to you, and positively promote your organization. The client that wants to keep costs down has two options: they can lower their expectations and have us create a cheaper mascot, one which is still nice but without all the “bells & whistles,” or they can find a sponsor or a marketing partner.

Often companies can team up with others. Most companies buy supplies from many vendors. Often vendors have an interest in seeing their client do well. If you are a University or professional team, or an interesting business, you probably get some media exposure. Why not contact your favorite team sneaker company or another sport related company that could also benefit from your exposure? You will be surprised how often you can get them to sponsor part of the mascot in return for their logo on the mascot’s clothing. Remember how often you look at a mascot at a sporting event… it too can be used as a billboard. If you are a company that sells services, try talking to your equipment suppliers. They often make the product that defines your service. For example, we had a cellular phone service company that approached a cell phone manufacturer to kick in some money for their mascot. It worked! They got the phone manufacturer to kick in half the money for the mascot.

We had a non-profit health organization that we connected with various pharmaceutical companies. One pharmaceutical company jumped at the chance to co-market with a high profile charity, so they sponsored the mascot and both parties benefited from the relationship. We are happy to help you with these ideas and connections.

Some organizations have money to pay for a mascot, but have a hard time justifying it. You need simply examine print medium costs and other advertising and PR costs and evaluate what you get in return for them. You will always find that a mascot will give you more return on the promotional dollar than any other method.

If you need more ideas, we can help you. If we can learn about your industry, we can probably come up with a vendor, sponsor, or some other angle to help you to offset your costs. Contact us right away!