Pierre's Costumes


At Pierre’s Costumes, our staff takes pride in creating high-quality mascot costumes that will last you for many years. We have been creating, designing and working with mascots for over 70 years. Our staff knows mascot costumes inside and out.

Mascots help become the public face of your organization.No matter how unusual or unique the concept, we will work with you to execute your designs to your specifications. Our mascots are crafted to precisely match whatever design you have in mind. All you need to do is have a conversation with a mascot designer on our staff!

Mascot characters are valuable public relations tools for any organization, regardless of size. They serve as attention-grabbing emissaries that will get you noticed. Mascots are remembered fondly by all who hug them and shake their hands (or paws!) They can interact with the public in a way no commercial or billboard can.

Mascots help get your organization or product into the minds of your customers, becoming the public face of your organization.

Pierre’s Costumes can meet anyone’s mascot costume needs whether simple or highly complex. We pride ourselves in providing a high level of assistance to our customers to help them feel comfortable throughout a new and exciting process.