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Mascot Monday- Summer Heat Warnings

Summer is 100% completely here and the heat waves are making the temperatures sizzle, and while most of us are able to jump in the pool or grab a snow cone to cool off, your mascot performer can’t just yet.

Tired Exhausted Pete

Currently there are no official rules or guidelines set for mascot performers across the country, however the National Mascot Association, Disney and many other organizations recommend performing for 20 minutes, then resting for 20-40 minutes.  Drinking water is key, since mascots generally dance around in non-air-conditioned suits that can feel like an inferno. Another great reminder is spare batteries for the ventilation fan in your head to remove the carbon dioxide in your costume head as well as extra cool pack inserts for your cool vest if you wear one. If you do not currently wear any kind of climate control product, I would highly suggest getting one as it really does helps with lowering your core temperature. Below you will find a link to additional information about the cool vests we carry and how they can help you avoid heat stroke.

58 degree vest brochure

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