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Mary Poppins costumes go out on their first rental.

Our brand new set of Mary Poppins costumes has just gone out on it’s first rental.

We spent a good part of December and early January finishing up our build of our Mary Poppins costume set.  Our staff loved building the costumes, since it really allowed them to be creative.  In addition we brought in a few of our “regular” over hire costume builders to help with the rush.  We were finishing up a complete set of Mummers costumes for Duffy String Band just in time for the New Years parade in November and December.

Titusville is still running, but they were nice enough to send us a few preliminary pictures to share.  We don’t have pictures of all the costumes yet, since we were constructing costumes right up the wire and had no time for a photo shoot.

You can learn more about Titusville Playhouse in Titusville Florida by going to their website http://www.titusvilleplayhouse.com

We anticipate putting more Mary Poppins costume pictures up in the next month as we get them and also as we have time to take them (show season is off to a big rush!).

If you are interested in renting this complete costume set, just give us a call at 215-925-7121 and ask for the theater department.  This is obviously the “hot” show this year, and is booking fast.  We only have so many spots left, so don’t get left out.

Here are a few pictures to get you thinking:

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