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Jennifer is selling mascots like wildfire

Jennifer just sold 9 mascots today.

She sold them to three separate customers.  We are very proud of her.  She offers great service and makes it easy for the customer to get a mascot costume.

While we can’t tell you what they are (customer confidentiality), we can tell you that they are going to be fun and interesting mascot costumes to make.

Our production department is already busy, but can handle the new orders from today.




(No this is not the one we sold today)

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2 Responses to “Jennifer is selling mascots like wildfire”

  1. We are doing THE HOBBIT, in October. I need a large dragon (perhaps two people inside) with moveable mouth and eyes. If you can’t do this and yet have ideas how it could be done, I would gladly pay for working drawings.

  2. rich says:

    Please call us at 215-925-7121 and ask for Jennifer or Rich. We can do this for you and need to talk on the phone to go over details.

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