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January 25th – Wear your wig to work day!

We all know the daily drag of waking up and wearing the same thing to work week after week….
Spice up your work day with some fun with ‘Wear your wig to work’ day on January 25th!

2010 Flyer

from mano damno

Brought to you by Mano/Damno, ‘Wear you wig to work day’ is celebrating their 10th anniversary this year.

“Dedicated to blurring the line between art and life, Mano/Damno uses projects like Wear Your Wig to Work Day to make the general public a participant rather than observer. Taking the form of a holiday, the project is both familiar and inclusive. Wig Day is an art project that doubles as a ritualistic day of celebration and relaxation.”

“Wig Day is about breaking routine and the joy of play. Wearing a wig is a temporary means of altering one’s images.”

Margu Wigs at Pierre's

Here at Pierre’s Costumes we are offering a %15 discount on all wigs for wear your wig to work day! We have hundreds of wigs available for purchase as well as special order. Wigs come in many different styles, colors (including fun fashion colors and natural), and lengths.


Jessica and Matthew trying on wigs at the store

Check out Mano Damno’s blog about wear your wig to work day to get all the details!



Wear your wig to work day is January 25th!







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