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Holy Smokes Batman

I just read a very interesting story online.


It seems that there is a guy in Maryland who likes to do charity visits to local hospitals.  Not that unusual right?

This guy however likes to dress up in his custom made Batman suit in order to entertain sick children.

The Montgomery County, Md., Police Department, whose officers pulled over a “Batmobile” March 21.

The car, a Lamborghini, showed only a bat symbol where the license plate belonged.

At first the police seemed a little concerned to find a man driving a Lamborghini in a full Batman suit (they could not see his face).

The man – Lenny Robinson – showed the police the real license plates that were stored inside the car.


At that point the situation eased up, and everyone had a good time.

The police let him go, only after a couple of photographs.

He said the custom made leather and neoprene costume took over 20 minutes to put on or take off.

Sometimes his teenage son, Brandon, goes along as Robin.













Below is the link to the video of the entire event.


Man gets pulled over wearing a Batman costume


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