NOTE:  We recently hired two talented costumers, so the position is filled. If you have an interest, please send a resume to [email protected] and we will keep it on file. We are getting busier every day, and may be hiring again soon.  If you are qualified, we will contact you before we even put out another “help wanted” ad.


Talented Theatrical Costumer needed in Old City Philadelphia.

Are you a great theatrical costumer? 

Do you enjoy collaborating with smart sassy people?  Then you will love costuming with us! 

Are you stuck doing the exact same thing every day?  You won’t get bored at Pierre’s Costumes since we always have some fun and challenging projects going on every day.

Has it been ages since you took a vacation?  Come costume with us, and we give you 23 paid days off every year.

Do you have a retirement account?  We contribute matching money when you enroll in our retirement program.

Do you have health insurance?  We can help you with this.

Does your current job offer reasonable hours, a regular paycheck, and no late nights?  We are hiring for permanent positions, only work weekdays, and you get paid regularly.

Do you have to work through meals when costuming a show?  At Pierre’s Costumes we won’t just let you have a break for lunch, we’ll buy it for you once a week.

Do you often have to work with substandard equipment in makeshift conditions while costuming a show?  We offer well lit clean spaces with all the equipment you need.

Are you tired of working with people who just “don’t get it”?  Come see us and work with people who enjoy working with other creative people.

Do you take pride in your work and think others should too?  If so, you will love working at Pierre’s.

Do you pick up other people’s slack at your current job?   Here everybody contributes to the creative process and pitches in.

Are you trying to costume a production with a $500 costume budget for a cast of 65 performers?  We only work with realistic budgets.

Ever had to spend your own money on a costume?   You won’t have to do that at Pierre’s Costumes.  We provide everything you need for the job.

Have you ever had to pay for parking or pay for an Uber to get to a job? We are close to lots of public transportation and have our own parking.

If you don’t learn anything new when working with us, you are doing something wrong.  What you don’t already know, we can teach you. We are collaborative, and we want to learn from you too.

This is for a permanent full-time position with many benefits. Work hours are Monday – Friday from 10am – 6pm.

If you can relate to these questions and answers, and you know a little something about theatrical costuming, you should contact Pierre’s Costumes right away – you won’t regret it!

Please send a .PDF or MS Word file resume along with a cover letter to go into more detail.

Send your resume and cover letter to:  jobs (at) costumers (dot) com