We are starting to get busy again with theatres opening.  We are hiring since we need help with these productions.  Multiple-positions, long-term, and full-time.

Talented Theatrical Costumer Needed in Old City Philadelphia

Theatre is starting to come back, and we are hiring in response.  We are looking for an experienced theatrical costumer.  

This is a permanent Full-time position.  Monday – Friday during business hours – no working late nights or weekends

Are you stuck doing the exact same thing every day? You won’t get bored at Pierre’s Costumes, since we always have fun, creative, and challenging projects every day.

Do you need a work / life balance but don’t see it coming anytime soon? Come work with us at Pierre’s Costumes where you don’t have to get up early for work, and you are home by dinner time.

Has it been ages since you took a vacation?  Come costume with us, and we will pay you to take two weeks off every year and get paid on holidays.

Does your current job offer reasonable hours, a regular paycheck, and no late nights?  We only work during normal daytime hours, and you get paid every two weeks.

Do you have to work through meals when costuming a show? At Pierre’s Costumes we won’t just let you have a lunch break, but we’ll often buy it for you too.

Are you tired of working with people who just  “don’t get it”? Come join us and work with people who enjoy working with other smart artistic people.

Do you pick up other people’s slack at your current job? We don’t have that type of attitude at Pierre’s Costumes. Here everybody contributes to the creative process.

Do people around you forget to plan ahead and cause everyone to work late hours?  We work ahead and schedule everything, eliminating stress.

Do you often have to work with substandard equipment in makeshift conditions while costuming a show? We offer well lit clean spaces with all the equipment you need.

Are you trying to costume a production with a $500 costume budget for a cast of 65 performers? We only work with realistic budgets.

Ever had to spend your own money on a costume? You won’t have to do that at Pierre’s Costumes. We provide everything you need for the job.

If you can relate to these questions and answers, and you know a little something about theatrical costuming, you should send your resume to Pierre’s Costumes right away!

Please send a .PDF or MS Word file resume along with a cover letter to go into more detail.

Send your resume and cover letter to:  jobs (at) costumers (dot) com