Pierre's Costumes

Halloween is over. On to the next season

In our world, Halloween costumes are a small part of what we do all year.

We are already working on theatrical production costumes, film costumes, TV shows, and even Santa Claus.

I most people’s world, Santa Claus does not come for quite some time.

We work with professional Santa Claus, so they are already getting set up for the season.

We have many big guys with long white beards coming into the shop every day.

Santa Claus is a lot of fun!

We are also pulling costumes for a variety of shows and musicals for the end of year season.

We have also started picking up quite a few TV show projects these days.

If you ever watch Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show, you will see our costumes and mascots from time to time.  We love working with them, and the costumes we make for them are really fun ones.

We have also been working on several feature films these days.  Many of them are not announced yet, so we cannot name them here.

Some of the stars in the films are the “hot actors” that are very good looking. For some reason, photographs of them have appeared on the shop walls “for reference purposes”.

We have so much more than just these items going on right now.  

Costume shops like ours do a lot more than Halloween throughout the year.

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