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Where are you located?

We are located in Old City Philadelphia at 211 North Third Street—just four stores north of Race Street and right next to the Ben Franklin Bridge.

How can I get there?

There is plenty of free and metered parking in our great neighborhood. We are close to Routes 76, 676, and 95, and easily accessible via public transportation. The Market-Frankford Subway Line stops at 2nd and Market, and we are in close proximity to a number of bus and trolley routes. For more details, check out our directions page.

What are your hours?

Hours of operation (EST):
Monday through Friday – 10:00 am to 5:30 pm
Saturday – 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Our hours of operation are extended in October due to the rush of the Halloween season. The best time to find out our hours during that month is to call us at 215-925-7121.

costumesCostume Rentals

I want to rent a costume. Do I need an appointment?

Nope! The best way to rent a costume for personal use (a.k.a. an event, a party, or just for some fun on a weekend) is to come into the store and speak with one of our stylists. Our stylists are all professionals with extensive backgrounds in costume history, period styling, and theatrical work. Walk in, say hello, and explain what it is that you are looking for; our staff will take your measurements and pull your costumes from our warehouse (which is a three-story warehouse nearly a city block long).

What kind of costumes do you have?

Our warehouse is three stories tall, nearly a full city block long, and stocked with everything from caveman to spaceman and almost everything in between. While we might not have the exact dress replicated from a classic movie or the suit of armor designed after Henry VIII, we probably can come pretty close. If you have a very specific request, it is sometimes helpful to arrive with a photo of what you are looking for—it helps the staff see things with your eyes, and they will do their best to approximate your look.

What comes with my costume?

The short answer is: whatever you want! We have an extensive collection of costume accessories (hats, wigs, boot covers, glasses, jewelry, eyepatches, gloves, belts, props, and many, many others), and do not charge you any additional fees by adding accessories. We are happy to work with you until we can find the desired “look” for your event.

How much will it cost to rent a costume? How long can I keep it?

Typically, rentals can range anywhere from fifty to one hundred dollars, depending on the scale of the costume. Certain “high-end” costumes can rent for more than that, but typically most rentals will fall in the middle of that range. We do not rent just pieces: you are paying for the full look from head to toe.

We consider rental periods to be “one-day” rentals, but include a day to pick it up and a day to return it. For example, for an event on a Wednesday, you could pick the costume up on Tuesday and return it on Thursday. We are closed every Sunday and do not count that as a day of use; for a Saturday event, you can pick it up on Friday and return on Monday for the same fee.

We can also offer extended rentals for much longer periods of time at discounted rates. All you need to do is ask.

costume rentalDo you have the costume I want in my size?

It’s difficult to say exactly, but chances are that we do. Our costumes have all been made in-house over a number of years and for a number of different purposes; they are all one-of-a-kind pieces and therefore every size is different. (That is to say: we can’t pull a “size four” or “2XL” because we go by measurements of waist, chest, sleeve, etc). The good news is that our entire staff are trained seamstresses and tailors and can easily make minor alterations to costumes like adjusting a waistband or shortening a hem. We are happy to make sure your costume is tailored specifically to your needs and include any standard alterations free of charge.

Are shoes included with my costume rental?

Unfortunately, shoes are not included with costume rentals. Because shoes are so specific to each individual person (and because, let’s face it, used shoes are tough to truly get clean), we are unable to provide shoes. If you are looking to replicate the look of boots, we have an extensive stock of boot covers that slip on over your own shoes and give the impression of the real deal. Additionally, we are happy to special-order specialized costume shoes at great prices from our catalog—just ask one of our stylists for more information!

I am interested in renting costumes for a theatrical production. Can I keep them longer than just your typical rental period?

We have a number of different options available for our theatrical customers—from high school and community theatres to regional theatres and beyond. The best way to obtain more information about our theatrical rentals is to contact our Theatre Department. Our costumers have extensive backgrounds in theatre and are happy to work with you to make sure you have the costumes you need in plenty of time for fittings, dress rehearsals, and performances. You can reach our Theatre Department using our theatre contact mail or by calling 215-925-7121 and asking to speak with the Theatre Department.

I really want something special and unique for my event this year that is one-of-a-kind. Can you make it for me?

Yes, absolutely! We offer custom construction services of garments and mascots, and would love to work with you to build the costume of your dreams. Our designers and craft people are phenomenal artists who listen and understand clients; the best way to decide if custom construction is right for you is to contact our Design Department directly and discuss it further. They can be reached via our e-mail link or by calling 215-925-7121 and asking to speak with our Design Department.

I don’t know if I want to rent. Do you sell costumes?

Yes, we do! We have a number of pre-fabricated costumes as well as a large stock of wigs, hats, makeup, and other accessories available for retail sale. Come in and browse around!


mascotsCan I rent a mascot from Pierre’s?

Yes! We have a large inventory of mascots available for rental—all kinds of animals, characters, and even unexpected wacky creations.

How much will it cost me to rent a mascot? How long can I keep it?

Mascot rentals typically range between $85 and $95. We consider rental periods to be “one-day” rentals, but include a day to pick it up and a day to return it. For example, for an event on a Wednesday, you could pick the costume up on Tuesday and return it on Thursday. We are closed every Sunday and do not count that as a day of use; for a Saturday event, you can pick it up on Friday and return on Monday for the same fee.

The mascot I want is unique and probably not something you have available. What should I do?

We may be able to adapt an existing mascot to your needs, work with our suppliers, or even custom create a mascot for you at a lower price than you may think. The best way to learn more about this process is to get in touch with Mascot Services. You can email Mascot Services via our contact page [link to mascot e-mail], or by calling Mascot Services at 215-925-7121.


Should I buy or rent my Santa Claus costume?

It really is up to you. With our Santa rentals, we provide everything you might need to play Santa Claus (including things like beards, glasses, bellies, gloves and other items). When you purchase a Santa Suit, you end up buying each item individually. A general rule of thumb is if you only plan on wearing the costume once or twice a year, it is more economical to rent your suit. If you plan on using the suit more frequently then purchasing is right for you.


You guys are great! Are there any sales or upcoming events I should know about?

You can become our friend on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for updated information about in-store specials, behind-the-scenes information, and special events!

Find us at:

Do you have a general catalog for mail?

No, we do not. We instead prefer to use our web site to show off our general talents, and send information more specific to your project when you contact us. We do so many things that a general catalog would be far too vague and varied for most people.