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Easter Bunny Rentals Available!

Spring has sprung and it is time to start thinking about Easter! A great way to bring some excitement to your Easter event is to have a visit from the Eater Bunny! There are many different styles of Bunny Costumes, ranging from traditional to over the top!

It is a difficult phenomenon to explain, but one that is automatic the very first time you wear the costume. You are no longer a person in a suit- YOU BECOME THE EASTER BUNNY!

Here are some tips to be aware of with children to make your Easter Bunny Experience a fabulous one:

  • ~Do not grab children or pick them up. You are awkward and large. You may scare or hurt them, or even drop them because of your large oversized hands.
  • ~Do not play favorites. Children’s can feel hurt if they get left out of the fun.
  • If a child is shy or scared, do not force yourself on them. They just want to watch you to make sure that you are friendly. Give them time. 
  • ~If a child cries, do not touch them! Instead, bend down low, look them in the eye and cry with them, using your hands to rub your eyes. When they stop crying, warm up to them by waving, extending your arms for a hug. Do not touch or approach them until they initiate the first contact.

Pierre’s Costumes Specializes in making your event spectacular!

Rentals for Easter Bunny costumes range anywhere from $85.00-$150.00. Please contact one of our Easter Bunny Experts today and Reserve your bunny before he Hops away!

Our rental department can be reached at 215-925-7121

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