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Gossip Girl Fashion!

Sometimes we love to get lost in the drama of our good friends Serena and Blaire on the upper east side of Manhattan. Tho we here at Pierre’s Costumes seem to get more wrapped up in the fashion than the drama. Check out this great blog from CNN about the fashions of “Gossip Girl” http://www.cnn.com/2012/09/07/showbiz/tv/gossip-girl-eric-daman-fall-tv-fashion/index.html

TV TIME! Our staff’s obsession with costume driven television shows!

We here at Pierre’s costumes have some TV obsessions that are not surprising… they are all saturated with beautiful costumes or makeup or both!   Face Off: If you love Special effects makeup… and we do… This show is totally up your alley! The looks that these makeup designers come up with are totally amazing! […]

We are really looking forward to the new season of Mad men

We are huge Mad Men fans at Pierre’s Costumes We all love the costumes (obviously!). Mad Men is starting it’s new season March 25, at 9:00pm eastern. This year the show is set in 1962. Here is the official site: The show is a great way to see the authentic styles of the era.  The […]