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Want Free Publicity for your Production?

We are happy to put information on your theatrical production on our blog. Thousands of people read it every week. You can sell more tickets and increase your exposure.  Several of our customers have done just that. All we ask for is that you give us as much information as possible such as: • Some […]

The Calm Before the Storm!!

We’re consistently working on theatre shows this week but it rather feels like the calm before the storm for Spring Theatre productions.  As everyone knows February and March get slammed with High School productions, community, and regional theatre very quickly!  So if you haven’t already it’s always better to book your shows early so there’s […]

Sondheim in the Park Opens Tonight! August 9th!

Tonight in Central Park Sondheim in the Park opens with Into the Woods starring Jack Broderick (Narrator); Amy Adams (Baker’s Wife); Denis O’Hare (The Baker); Glenn Close (The Voice of the Giant); Gideon Glick (Jack); Kristine Zbornik (Jack’s Mother); Tess Soltau (Rapunzel); Cooper Grodin (Rapunzel’s Prince); Jessie Mueller (Cinderella); Laura Shoop (Cinderella’s Mother); Ellen Harvey (Cinderella’s Stepmother); Ivan Hernandez (Cinderella’s Prince, Wolf); […]

If you are local to Philadelphia, you may want to check this show out.

J R Masterman school is performing Hello Dolly March 1-3, 2012.  We are providing costumes for their production. They put on a very good show.  If you have time, you may want to see it. For more info go to: http://webgui.phila.k12.pa.us/schools/m/masterman