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Photos from Dick Van Dyke Tribute!

A HUGE Thank You to Northridge Music Boosters for sending us these wonderful photos of Dick Van Dyke performing with our costumes! We are so happy that we were able to provide the iconic looks that everyone loves from Mary Poppins and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! The actors looked wonderful and we are sure this […]

KING KONG: The Musical?

We were a little apprehensive when we heard that this was happening. But now that we have seen this preview video, we are hoping that they bring this guy from Australia to Broadway! Check out the video in the link below! Let us know what you think!                 […]

What do you think of the Spiderman Costume?

What do you think of the new Spiderman costume?   Spiderman’s costume has gone through some changes through the years. Here are some pictures of the evolution through the years.   There is supposed to be an upcoming version of The Amazing Spiderman 2 coming out in 2014 To see the trailer for the The […]

Pierre’s Costumes loves Disney’s Brave!

Some of our staff members saw Disney & Pixar’s Brave that came out this past weekend.  The reviews come back raving!!  The message that the movie gave to girls was amazing!  (We won’t give away any spoilers since it’s still so new) We’re also hoping here at Pierre’s that this movie will reawaken the love […]

Dark Knight Rising? Maybe not!

So we love Christian Bale. From his stint as a news boy in Newsies to an Illusionist in The Prestige. But he goes straight to our hearts as Batman! Mr. Bale had some issues with his costume for the dark night rising. He almost passed out due to the heavy costume! Check out this article […]

‘Downton Abbey’ Costume Designer Susannah Buxton on Her Emmy Episode Submission

The 2011 Emmy-winning costume designer has selected the second season premiere as her 2012 Emmy competition episode. Costume designer Susanna Buxton won an Emmy for best costumes in a movie/miniseries in 2011 for Downton Abbey, for her decadent and extravagant wardrobes of the privileged landed gentry and the plain regimented working class clothes of the household […]

Add yet another reason to the list as to why we love Colleen Atwood

Great costume designs from Coleen Atwood for Snow White and the Huntsman   As if there were not already enough reasons for us to love brilliant costume designer Colleen Atwood… Her attention to detail and use of un-traditional materials make her the ultimate costume guru! Check out this article on her deisgns for the movie […]

Holy Smokes Batman

I just read a very interesting story online.   It seems that there is a guy in Maryland who likes to do charity visits to local hospitals.  Not that unusual right? This guy however likes to dress up in his custom made Batman suit in order to entertain sick children. The Montgomery County, Md., Police […]

We are really looking forward to the new season of Mad men

We are huge Mad Men fans at Pierre’s Costumes We all love the costumes (obviously!). Mad Men is starting it’s new season March 25, at 9:00pm eastern. This year the show is set in 1962. Here is the official site: The show is a great way to see the authentic styles of the era.  The […]

The Hunger Games!

We are really excited about the Hunger Games Movie! Check out this great story about the designer of the clothes! We love the was clothes ranging from 1930’s inspired day way to future couture really all look like they work flawlessly in this movie!   http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/life_and_entertainment/2012/03/20/hunger-games-fashion-designer-brings-book-to-life.html