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More Pictures Of Mary Poppins Costumes

Short and to the point… Here are more pictures of our costume set for Mary Poppins for you to see. (Thanks to The Titusville Playhouse for sharing them with us.  http://www.titusvilleplayhouse.com  ).   If you are interested in this set, please contact our theatre department ASAP (Ask for Liz @ 215-925-7121).  These costumes are booking fast, […]

Mary Poppins costumes go out on their first rental.

Our brand new set of Mary Poppins costumes has just gone out on it’s first rental. We spent a good part of December and early January finishing up our build of our Mary Poppins costume set.  Our staff loved building the costumes, since it really allowed them to be creative.  In addition we brought in a […]

Pierre’s Costumes Take on Mary Poppins!

Practically Perfect in Every Way! Here at Pierre’s Costumes we pride ourselves on our extensive stock of theatrical costumes. As a theatrical costume shop we are ever growing when it comes to new musicals and Mary Poppins is no exception. This summer we are designing the full set of costumes for Mary Poppins. It’s such […]