Pierre's Costumes

“Shrek”ing out!

We are receiving SO MANY calls about renting costumes for Shrek the musical.   We have had to turn a couple of people down due to overlapping dates. Obviously this is not great. If you want to use us for the costumes, please book early. This way you don’t count on us, and later find […]

‘Downton Abbey’ Costume Designer Susannah Buxton on Her Emmy Episode Submission

The 2011 Emmy-winning costume designer has selected the second season premiere as her 2012 Emmy competition episode. Costume designer Susanna Buxton won an Emmy for best costumes in a movie/miniseries in 2011 for Downton Abbey, for her decadent and extravagant wardrobes of the privileged landed gentry and the plain regimented working class clothes of the household […]

Add yet another reason to the list as to why we love Colleen Atwood

Great costume designs from Coleen Atwood for Snow White and the Huntsman   As if there were not already enough reasons for us to love brilliant costume designer Colleen Atwood… Her attention to detail and use of un-traditional materials make her the ultimate costume guru! Check out this article on her deisgns for the movie […]