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Costumes and the Grammys

There was a lack of costumes at the 2013 Grammys. I was hoping for more costumes at the Grammys.  Unfortunately, only strange tuxedos and very revealing dresses dominated.   One dress that I did think was very “costume like”, was Kimbra’s (Gotye duet).  Here is a picture of the dress.           […]

Emmies and costumes

For longtime film and television costume designer Ruth Myers, nominated this year for an Emmy for her tailored 1930s and ’40s-based dress slacks and suits in the HBO movie “Hemingway & Gelhorn,” that muse came in the form of the film’s sleek, svelte, 5’10” costar Nicole Kidman, whom she worked with on the 2007 movie […]

‘Downton Abbey’ Costume Designer Susannah Buxton on Her Emmy Episode Submission

The 2011 Emmy-winning costume designer has selected the second season premiere as her 2012 Emmy competition episode. Costume designer Susanna Buxton won an Emmy for best costumes in a movie/miniseries in 2011 for Downton Abbey, for her decadent and extravagant wardrobes of the privileged landed gentry and the plain regimented working class clothes of the household […]

The Oscars bring out lots of costume related articles, here is one with Mark Bridges

Costume related articles are on the rise during Oscar season. I have seen more costume related posts over the past few days, than I probably see all year (I subscribe to certain keywords on Google, and get daily reports). Here is an interview by CNN with Mark Bridges.  It’s funny, a lot of the costumers […]

Grammys were a huge success in 2012

Grammy Music Awards   It’s that time of year again.  The 54th annual Grammy awards.  Here’s the re-cap. The Grammy ratings were the biggest stunner. Just under 40 million people watched Adele get the biggest awards, an audience size topped only in 1984 when Michael Jackson’s “Thriller’’ was named top album. The Grammys, which had […]

Oscar awards for costuming

The Oscars are coming!   This years Oscar nominations have been announced, and the big day is coming up soon. February 26 at 7:00pm eastern.  It will be broadcast on ABC.   For more information on The Academy Awards Oscars click here.   Of course, our favorite category is “Costume Design”. This year, there is […]