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Check out this great article written about Jennifer our General Manager

Check out this great blog article written about Jennifer Valosen, our General manager by the awesome Maddie Flanigan.

You can learn more about Maddie on her site, she blogs for some really big important companies as well as her own blog.  We are really honored to have her pay attention to us.  Of course the fact that she is one of our neighbors down the street doesn’t hurt.

This section of Old City has a great artsy vibe and is full of art galleries, unique clothing shops, funky furniture stores, artisan cheese companies, unusual spirits creators (drinks that is), bookstores, coffee shops, and so much more.  We really love how the neighborhood has evolved.  It was somewhat run-down when we moved here in 2000, but we knew it had potential.

So enough chatter, on to the important part.  You can read the article here.  http://www.madalynne.com/costumes


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