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Into The Woods Costumes

Into the woods we go again! Our simple to follow system provides comprehensive forms for you to note your needs from the look of the costume and fabrics to sizes and delivery dates. We leave nothing to chance. We are very detail oriented when it comes to theatrical productions and like to get everything done early so […]

How to put a wig on correctly.

So often people tell us that they have trouble wearing a wig.  This is not that uncommon if you don’t wear them all the time. Here is a pictorial tip sheet to help you through this process.     If you need to purchase any type of wig or simply want more tips, just contact us […]

Photo Gallery – Wear Your Wig to Work Day at Pierre’s

January 25th was “Wear your Wig to Work Day” brought to you by Mano/Damno (check out their website: http://www.manodamno.com/) You may have seen our previous blog introducing the event and our promotions for ‘wig day’ (linked below) http://www.pierrecostume.com/january-25th-wear-your-wig-to-work-day/costume/01/15/2013/ Here at Pierre’s we celebrated this fun event by wearing different wigs around the store all day. Also […]

January 25th – Wear your wig to work day!

We all know the daily drag of waking up and wearing the same thing to work week after week…. Spice up your work day with some fun with ‘Wear your wig to work’ day on January 25th! Brought to you by Mano/Damno, ‘Wear you wig to work day’ is celebrating their 10th anniversary this year. […]

We are open again!!!

We are here catching up on your Halloween costumes.   It wasn’t exactly the best time of year for us to have a storm like Hurricane Sandy.  We are however making the best of it. The retail store is still pretty busy, and we are getting lots of customers who are now venturing out to […]

CHRISTMAS IN JULY IS HERE! Pierre’s Costumes Annual Sale Starts now!

We are so excited! This is one of our favorite weeks of the year!   PIERRE’S COSTUMES CHRISTMAS IN JULY SALE RUNNING NOW THRU JULY 28th! Christmas in July has become a Pierre’s Tradition! This year is by far the biggest Sale Pierre’s Costumes has EVER hosted! We are trying to make room in our […]

Happy Secretaries Day!!

Don’t forget to give a BIG thank you to your Administrative Assistant, Secretary, Office Manager, Receptionist and in general God/Goddess who makes your day a bit easier!

Halloween rush time

We are in the middle of the Halloween rush season right now.  It is starting to get very busy in the shop and we have lots of customers looking for their Halloween costume.   We are also unpacking lots of new items for the retail walls.  You would not believe the amount of boxes that […]