Pierre's Costumes

Mascot mobility and performing stunts in costume.

We are often asked the question “Can I be active and mobile in a mascot costume?” The answer is simple… Yes. You can be extremely active and perform stunts in a mascot costume created by Pierre’s Costumes. Below you will see a video showing one of our mascot costumes snowboarding and flying into a stadium on […]

Bird Bath

  So the interviewer asks, “What’s the dry cleaning sitch?” We can answer that even better than Brian Lafferty can, as Pierre’s Costumes not only cleans the Hawk, but we made him.   Let’s delve into this… Mascots should NEVER be dry cleaned, especially the Hawk, since he is made of real feathers which get […]

Mascot Monday- Summer Heat Warnings

Summer is 100% completely here and the heat waves are making the temperatures sizzle, and while most of us are able to jump in the pool or grab a snow cone to cool off, your mascot performer can’t just yet. Currently there are no official rules or guidelines set for mascot performers across the country, […]

Mascot Spa Services Available Now!

As many of you Mascots know, Summer is almost here! If you belong to a school, this is a great time to refresh, relax and take a bath! Already quite a few of our Mascot friends have made appointments for some spa time with us! We have a variety of spa services available for all […]

The key to having a great mascot

Mascots need a few things to be successful   A Well Built Good Looking Mascot Costume A mascot that is built for the specific physical purposes that the mascot will be used in (highly athletic, oversized and very visible, etc.).  Mascots must have a visual appeal to ensure that it gets noticed.  Mascot also need […]

Maintain your mascot to extend its lifespan.

If you take good care of your mascot, it will last longer. If you keep your mascot costume clean, it will last longer, and will look better.  In addition, you won’t offend your audience by smelling awful. All of the costumes that are made by Pierre’s Costumes are easily cleaned by our customers.  Most of […]