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Upcoming Comic Con for Philadelphia

Comic Con is coming to Philadelphia Comic Con (AKA Wizard World) is coming to Philadelphia May 30 – June 2, 2013   More than one of our staff will be attending.  Some of them are getting their costumes ready right now.  Comic Con is a phenomenon that has taken on a life of it’s own. […]

Crowd comes to marvel at comic books, costumes

When it first appeared in stores in September 1963, the price was 12 cents. Terry Stair, of Milledgeville, Ga., was selling his copy of the “Avengers #1” comic book, the first featuring the popular team of superheroes. Stair was one of several vendors at the Columbus Comic Book Show. “Look at the signature on the […]

Closer to Dark Knight Rises Every Day!!

With all the hype behind the new Batman Movie set to release next week everyone is busy getting their old costumes ready for the midnight showings.  From Heath Ledger’s joker adaptations to sexy catsuits to honor the new movie’s appearance of Cat Woman we’ve seen just about everyone being represented.  The hype is amazing as […]

Dark Knight Rising? Maybe not!

So we love Christian Bale. From his stint as a news boy in Newsies to an Illusionist in The Prestige. But he goes straight to our hearts as Batman! Mr. Bale had some issues with his costume for the dark night rising. He almost passed out due to the heavy costume! Check out this article […]

Holy Smokes Batman

I just read a very interesting story online.   It seems that there is a guy in Maryland who likes to do charity visits to local hospitals.  Not that unusual right? This guy however likes to dress up in his custom made Batman suit in order to entertain sick children. The Montgomery County, Md., Police […]