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11 Days and Counting!

As we prepare for the Christmas Holiday, We would like to take a break from the commotion of the end of fall theatre season and all of the costumes we are making for Santa and His helpers to share some photos with you!

Santa and one of his Biggest Fans!

Santa and one of his Biggest Fans!

Santa Stopped by the Pierre’s to try on one of his new costumes, and decided to help Old City Philadelphia light their Christmas Tree!

Santa Waving to some Passers By

Santa Celebrating with his new Pierre's Suit in Old City Philadelphia

Here are some photos of Bobby (our head designer) With Santa and some of our Fellow Old City businesses decorating and lighting the tree in Byrd Park! There was fun, carols,  and Hot Coco had by All!

Bobby Hangs the Pierre's Ornament on the Old City Christmas tree in Byrd Park

We are Very Excited to be a part of creating Santa’s Wardrobe, wherever he may be!

Santa Getting Candy Canes

Santa Testing the Candy cane Samples, while trying to not get any on his new Suit from Pierre's Costumes!

If you have any pictures of Santa in His Pierre’s Costumes, Email them to us at info@costumers.com and get a coupon!

Need any help with a costume for Santa or Elves? Call us at 215-925-7121 for the best Christmas Costumes in Philadelphia!

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  1. Janet Kalter says:

    Thank you for participating in the OCBC tree-trimming event. It’s heartwarming to see the businesses working together to make our holiday season more special!

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